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Dear scientists,

This year we are making preparations for the 4th International Sustainable Development Congress. Our congress held so far are internationally qualified and held in cooperation with various institutions in Turkey and abroad to improve the accumulation obtained in the previous congress and bring knowledge to wider circles. 

The Congress will be held taking into account the importance of the Covid-19 outbreak, paying attention to the necessary hygiene and social distance rules. If they wish, scientists can make their presentations through online programs (Zoom, Teams, etc.) that allow remote access. 

Keynote speakers from 5 different countries were invited to the Congress.

The abstract and full texts of the paper will be published in an electronic book with ISBN after going through the arbitration process. The Book of Abstracts will be published on October 15, 2022. 

It is possible to attend the 4th International Sustainable Development Congress only with oral presentations or a special themed workshop.

Scientists who will apply to the Congress should prepare summary texts of 250-400 words (including sections such as subject, purpose, method, and result). These abstracts must be prepared in the presentation language. Those who do not meet the necessary formal conditions will be returned to the author by the secretariat.

  • Presentations at the Congress; should have content related to Sustainable Development.
  • Presentations at the Congress; can be made in Arabic, English, or Turkish.
  • All works submitted for presentation at the Congress will be accepted or rejected after going through the arbitration process.
  • Decisions on acceptance or rejection belong to the referees in the scientific and advisory boards. 

Scientists who want to publish their papers in the Book of Proceedings after the congress should send their texts, which they have prepared by paying attention to the spelling rules, to the e-mail address specified in the contact section of the Congress until December 01, 2022. All submitted texts will be published in the Book of Proceedings after the plagiarism program and the arbitration process.

It is our greatest wish for different publications to be produced, and shared, for new collaborations to emerge, and for scientists to establish international relations at the Congress. For this reason, we hope to see you at this feast of information; we desire to listen to your research and your information.

Best regards…

 Congress Calendar

Deadline for abstract submission

October 01, 2022

Publication date of the Congress program

October 15, 2022

Publication of the abstract textbook

October 15, 2022

Deadline for submission of full texts

December 01, 2022

Publication of the Book of Proceedings

December 15, 2022

Start of the Congress

October 29, 2022

End of the Congress

October 31, 2022

*** The social and cultural program of the Congress will be announced later.

 Invited Speakers

  • Prof. Dr. Salem Darwich (Lebanon)



  •  Title


  •  Title


 Will be announced soon!

 Congress Venue

 Porto Bello Hotel Resort & Spa (Antalya)

 Address: Liman, Akdeniz Blv., 07070 Konyaaltı/Antalya


You can follow the relevant instructions on the 'Scientific' page for participation.

Those who cannot send their abstracts throughout the online system can request help

by calling

+90 555 031 5360

or by sending an email to



 Honorary Presidents of the Congress

 Prof. Dr. İbrahim Özcoşar

President of Martin Artuklu University

 Prof. Dr. Mahmut Rusan

President of Ajloun National University

 Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Şinasi Akdemir - Çukurova University

 Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Hatem Fahad Hanoo

University of Mosul – Iraq

Prof. Dr. Salem Darwich


Prof. Dr. Zoubir Sahli


Dr. Asad Layek

Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University

Dr. Said Assil

Regional Center for Education and Training Professions - Morocco

Dr. Sid Ahmed Soufiane

Annaba University - Algeria

 Science and Evaluation Board

 Dr. Abdallah Ali Azzalab Sanaa University - Yemen

Dr. Amer Shakir Al-Kinani University of Baghdad - Iraq  

Dr. Bachiri Hamza Centre Nationale De La Recherche En Anthropologie Sociale Et Culturelle, Crasc, Oran - Algeria

Dr. Badreddine Rouass Universite Abdelah Esaadi - Morocco

Dr. Bouchetta Khazen Fes University - Morocco 

Dr. Bousmaha Ahmed Oum El Bouaghi University - Algeria

Dr. Gouassmia Asma Souk Ahras University - Algeria

Dr. H. Burçin Helden Şolt - Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University - Turkiye

Dr. Mouhamed Mouhamed El Moughir Ghaza University - Palestine

Dr. Mustafa Kemal Sen Sakarya Üniversitesi

Dr. Nassier Abbas Ghubin Al-Zubaidi University of Baghdad - Iraq

Dr. Nihad Hasan Haji (Al Shemri) Wasit University - Iraq

 Dr. Orora Lopez Acona Zaragoza University - Spain

Dr. Ouadiaa Othmani Angers University - France

Dr. Shukri Abd Elmageed Saber Cairo University – Egypt

Dr. Sid Ahme Soufiane Anaaba University - Algeria

Dr. Sid Salah Biskra University - Algeria

Dr. Tarig Hamdnaalla Ahmed Hamadnalla Higher Council For Environment, Urban And Rural Promotion- Khartoum State -Sudan

Dr. Zekri Nadia Aboubeker Belkaid University - Algeria

Pr. Natali Karkoud Angers University - France    

Pr. Foued Benghodban Oum El Bouaghi University - Algeria

Pr. Najem Daher Carthage University - Tunisia  

Pr. Sid Ahmed Bellel Oran 2 University - Algeria  


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